Alternative Investments

These are investments that help to provide increased portfolio diversification for affluent investors.
These also may be investments not currently available through your current advisor.

Accredited investors can further diversify their existing stock, bond & real estate investments by
allocating a portion of their portfolio into these investments.

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

Oil & Gas Partnerships

Equipment Leasing Programs

Global Opportunities

The emerging global economy can be a complicated landscape. Our advisors will help you select how
much of your portfolio should be allocated, and into which regions of the world. Investing in BRIC
(Brazil, Russia, India, China), South America, Asia, Africa, Europe & The Middle East can provide new
investment opportunities, but they are also unpredictable emerging economies. Other factors such
as political instability, natural disasters in a specific region, and even wars, can drastically affect
investments in these regions.

Strategic Investment Advice- These services include Money Management, Asset Allocation &
Corporate Investments.

Limited Partnerships

Investments are subject to minimum suitability requirements and/ or minimum net-worth
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+ 1 954 315 3921
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