Stock signifies ownership in a corporation. There are thousands of publicly traded
stocks of domestic and global companies.

The most “common” of investments, nowadays they are an integral part of any
portfolio. We will take your risk tolerance into consideration, before recommending
specific investments.

From blue-chips to growth stocks, from value to income- producing stocks, there are
a myriad of companies to invest in. From large caps to small caps, from U.S.
companies to global corporations, we will utilize all of our available research to
pinpoint what we believe are the companies best poised to perform in your portfolio.

Preferred Stock- A company may also issue preferred stock. Preferred stock also
represents ownership of a corporation, but it differs in several aspects. In case of
bankruptcy, shareholders receive dividends before those who own common stock.
Stockholders do not have voting rights at annual shareholder meetings. In addition,
Dividends are generally paid on a regular basis.

An Atlantic Wealth Management advisor will develop a diversified strategy based
upon your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Stocks have historically outperformed all other asset classes including real
estate…let one of our advisors determine what percentage of your portfolio should
be allocated to stocks.  

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
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“Successful investing is anticipating the
anticipations of others."
-John Maynard Keynes
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+ 1 954 315 3921
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